100 Anime (BFI Screen Guides)

100 Anime (BFI Screen Guides)

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Author: Philip Brophy

Brand: Brand: British Film Institute


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ISBN: 1844570835

Number Of Pages: 271

Publisher: British Film Institute

Release Date: 2005-12-06

Details: Tentacles from the bowels of the earth. Machines from another dimension. Cyborgs designed by ghostly children. Planets destroyed by psychic amoeba. Welcome to the wonderfully complex and disorienting world of Japanese animation--anime. 100 Anime is not a guide to this world; it is a ticket to keep you lost in sensory overload. This expansive and mind-blowing book delves deep into the chaotic meaning forged by anime's mutation of Eastern/ Western themes, images, and sounds. Read it in order to navigate the postwar shock waves that still propel Japan's mass media. 
100 Anime offers stimulating revelations of the wild world of anime and gives an overview of how vast the anime industry is in comparison to live- action cinema; how important the calligraphic vein of Japanese culture is in its dissemination of highly graphic material; and how the westernized reading of Japanese iconography requires a complete and irre trievable dumping of Judeo Christian Eurocentric postulations of semiotics, symbolism, and mythology.

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