Which Anime Character Are You? Several Things to Consider.

Which Anime Character Are You? Several Things to Consider.

Most of us at one time or another have wondered which character comes closest to being us.  It's not an easy choice as there are now a zillion possible choices.  Anime has grown significantly over the years and so has the personalities of the many actors.  There are a few ways we can go about this though.


You can always go on looks.  Which character most resembles you? Or you can imagine like I do.  Colonel Mustang is a good choice.  Good looking, young, military background are always nice features.   And he reminds me of Tom Cruise.  Anyone remember "Top Gun"?  So looks is at least one way to select your character.


Another thing to consider is smarts.  There are a lot of very intelligent anime people to choose from.  Some are smart and good. Others are smart and ruthless. Shiro is one of my favorites. She's calculating, plays chess and knows a ton of different languages. Johan Liebheart is quite smart as well but seems to be up to no good. I also like Victoria De Blois as a smart choice.


Another criteria may be the toughness of the character. Hayato Gokudera from Katekyo Hitman Reborn is a good choice there. Kamina is another possible candidate for toughness.   Saitô Hajime could also be added to the list as well as many others.

So is it looks, smarts or toughness? I think it is whichever character you like the most that wins. 

Your Turn 

Which character(s) do you think comes closest to being You?