Review of Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet - Ideal for Anime Drawings

Are you planning to buy a drawing tablet for Anime drawings? Do you want some of the best features at an affordable price? If yes, you should consider the Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet. It is a reasonably priced entry-level tablet created by Wacom. The key difference between the Intuos Comic and its predecessors is that it offers more space to draw your art that will be beneficial on the higher resolution screens. Besides, it is compact and lightweight.

The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet is a reasonably-priced tablet that can be used both by the beginners and professionals. You can buy this tablet with a restricted budget. All the developed features will not be compromised. You will have everything that you need to have the best drawing experience. It has a battery-free and pressure sensitive pen to help to draw both the thicker and thinner lines. You can use your fingers to zoom, scroll, and navigate with multi-touch gestures.

This developed version provides 1,024 levels of the sensitivity. It is highly responsive and offers a lot of fun while drawing. The review will focus on all the required details along with the pros and cons.

Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet Review

This is one the best entry-level drawing tablets introduced by Wacom. Though it is affordable and fits into your budget, still you can expect a stylish and sophisticated look. This tablet does look and perform cheap like any other cheap tablets. It has an impressive sleek design. It is well-built and offers a durable result,

The battery compartment of the tablet has three separate nibs. Besides, you that will have the space for the optional wireless card. It has a multi-touch surface that enables the users to use different gestures to zoom. You can even pan and rotate your artwork. It has four programmable ExpressKeys. These keys are by default will be set as the modifier keys.

In addition, you will have a pressure sensitive pen to enjoy your work with effects and digital editing on the digital pages. You will have an endless array of colors, brushes, and effects with the best digital quality to create your work and bring perfection to it. You will have the whole digital toolbox at the fingertips.

You can say that it has everything that a professional will need to get started to create his own comic. You will get the precision using the pressure-sensitive Intuos pen for inking, sketching, and coloring the characters. You will be able to design your own story by creating any of your desired characters.

To bring perfection to your comic world, you will need the right software. This tablet comes with Studio Paint Pro and Anime Studio® Debut 1. That means you will have every tool to bring life to your characters. You cannot expect all these features from any other affordable tablet.

What are the features?

  • You can color, ink, and sketch frames with the pressure-sensitive pen.  You will love this pen as it will give a new shape to your imagination.
  • You can use your fingers to scroll, navigate, and zoom any of your artwork with the help of the multi-touch gestures.
  • You can replace the mouse and turn the computer into your digital drawing canvas.
  • It has four customizable ExpressKeys that can help you to use your favorite shortcuts including copy paste and undo at the fingertips.
  •  The tablet will come with a battery-free and pressure sensitive pen that will help the users to draw thinner and thicker lines depending on the pressure you put on the pen.
  • The packet will include a free Comic Pack that will have Clip Studio Paint Pro and Anime Studio downloadable software, 10 free comic book copies with purchase of 25 copies, and online tutorials.
  • You can connect it to the PC and Mac.
  • This tablet will work with any of your software programs.
  • It comes in a compact size and can be used by both the left and right-hander.

Why this tablet?

Meets all your demands

It has everything that you will need in your creative box. You will have a pressure-sensitive pen, online tutorials, software, and a wide variety of the colors and brushes to meet your drawing needs.

Gives a shape to your story

With this tablet, you can turn the computer into your digital drawing canvas. You will be able to create the variation on the line width and thickness using the pressure-sensitive pen. You can create any of your desired characters and bring life into them with the use of the different colors.

Multi-touch and shortcut keys

It has a multi-touch surface to help the users to get perfection by using different gestures including scrolls, rotate, zoom, or flip through photos and documents.

Simple setup

The setup is simple. You just need to plug a USB into your PC or MAC. You need to install the driver and register and then download the creative software.


  • Portable and compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Best for the left and right-hander.
  • Compatible with any software.
  • Customizable Express Keys.
  • Affordable.
  • One year warranty.


  • Lack of tilt sensitivity.
  • No eraser for the stylus.
  • No wireless and paper option.


The Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet is highly appreciated by the users for some of its improved features that include high quality, compact size, free software, affordability, and wireless upgrade option. A few users are not satisfied with the software as they find it difficult to download. Otherwise, the tablet is recommended by many.

Final verdict

This product can be a good option for those looking for an affordable tablet for a durable use. It can be used by the budding comic artists, beginners, and even experienced. You will love the pressure-sensitive pen, multi-touch surface, and simple setup. In addition, it comes with one-year warranty support that proves the credibility of the product. You can use it with any software. Both the left and hand hander can use it comfortably. The price is the biggest advantage. You cannot expect all these advanced features within this price range from any other model.