Another Take On: Which Anime Character Are You?

Another Take on: Who Are You?

Every anime lover is familiar with this Japanese hand-drawn and animated characters. They are often characterized by colorful graphics full of vibrant characters and extravagant themes. The earliest forms of commercial anime work date back to 1917 with its characteristic art emerging in the 1960s. Anime production consists of a given story-telling mechanism combined with colorful graphic art, characterization and other imaging techniques such as cinematography. These characters vary depending on the storyline used. An example is the use of the character Zero Kiryu in the vampire knight, a famous vampire series. Zero is a known vampire hunter in the series that appears to be unapproachable to everyone else, but he is the exact opposite of this perception in real life. Zero is a tall young with silky silver hair, snow white skin, and lavender eyes. This is just one way of describing an anime character and drawing its characteristics and features. 

Similarly, anime lovers could take their time to try and identify where they fit in the anime world. Just like how each human being has different attributes from the other, so do anime characters. Their attributes will vary depending on the given plot. So you might be asking yourself of which anime character best suits you. Unfortunately, the answer lies within you. There are so many online quizzes that you could take with each promising to identify the anime character you best identify with, but you forget that none of these quizzes can read how deeply associated you are with a given anime character.

One of the ways of pinpointing this is by first clearly outlining the characters you easily identify with. The next step should involve outlining the traits you seem to share with your characters. This could be after monitoring your every step, identifying how you would react to certain situations, your responses to every reaction around you and your problem-solving techniques. This process should be very analytical and could even force you to acquire a second party that will help you with this analysis. Results from the analysis will be analytical for the steps to follow in identifying your character twin. Nonetheless, an unbiased report would be more reliable during this process where both positive and negative traits will be noted down. Positive traits such as humility, kindness, and patience could easily blind a person into selecting the wrong characters making the results from the data to be unrealistic and wrong. 

All of the above narrow down to one problem, identifying your anime character. Anime characters could also be matched based on appearances where a person with silver hair and snow white skin could easily be associated with Zero from the vampire knights. Since anime characters are also associated with the strong use of color, an anime character common to a certain color can also be used in associating one with an anime character. It could be your love for the color pink that serves as the missing link in identifying your anime character making it one of the most distinctive features in this analysis. Your interests such as the love of nature could also be what you just need to satisfy your anime love in getting your own anime character. An example of such anime characters is Totoro from My neighbor Totoro who is associated with love for nature as the gods of the forest. 

Other anime characters include Erza Scarlet from Fairytail, Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan and Naruto from the thousands of other anime characters ever created. These depict the unlimited array of anime characters any anime lover can easily choose from. All in all, selecting the type and kind of anime characters one is associated with is largely dependent on the anime lover. It’s highly unrealistic for an anime lover to just sit back and wait for some online quiz to choose his most similar anime character. Any anime lover driven by passion and love for these characters will be hands-on and concerned in identifying which character they are associated with. Eventually, you will come up with your own results that will be accurate enough to match your own personality with the anime of your dreams. Based on everything you should make it a priority to find out your anime character on your own as soon as you can.